Data center for rent - technical overview
12121 Grant Street - Denver Colorado USA
12121 Grant Street Technical information
Primary Power 7Mega Watts available
  can add 20 Mega Watts independent substation in 12-24 months
  3 x 2000 KVA Transformers 1 x 1000 KVA Transformer
Power Backup 1250 KVA 3 x 625 KVA modules (1 is redundant)
Cooling towers 4 x 500 ton towers    
fire detection office areas only Johnson controls
Raised floor 18" High      
Annual Site Caused IT Downtime (actual) 22 hours   1.6 hours  
Staffing 1 shift   1+ Shifts  
Usable Critical Load 100%   90% N  
Tier specifications Building is currently a TIER II and can be configured for TIER III


The facility is powered from a single feeder provided by Xcel Energy. The primary power service is three - 2000 KVA transformers and one - 1000 KVA transformer. There are four - 1200 KW, 2000 HP Detroit Diesel generators and one - 1200 KW, 1636 HP Caterpillar diesel engine. Each engine has a 250-gal day tank and there are two - 15,000 gallon buried diesel fuel tanks.

UPS There are three - 1250 KVA Teledyne UPS systems, each system has two - 625 KVA modules plus one - 625 redundant module (3 modules in each system). The Teledyne UPS systems are vintage 1989/1990. Three systems are rated 1250 KVA each and they have been well maintained over the years, however the manufacturer (Teledyne) is no longer in business. Each UPS feeds a 1600 A, 480 V computer switchboard. The three computer switchboards have bus ties between them for back feeding in the event of a UPS problem. They feed distribution panel boards on the upper floors, motor control centers, and the other critical loads. UPS system one feeds floors 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6; UPS system two feeds floors 6, 7 (currently shut down), and UPS system three feeds floors 2,3,4,5. Floor 7 has one riser and was designated as the disaster recovery floor. One string of 92 wet cell DC batteries serves each module. The batteries are YUASA-EXIDE 2DZ-19B batteries; presently 552 total batteries exist.

MECHANICAL HVAC SYSTEMS There are 4 - 500 ton cooling towers supporting 3 - 500 ton Trane centrifugal chillers: 2 - 250 ton heat pump chillers for 2 - 500 ton units used for free cooling. Four chilled water auxiliary storage tanks holding 6 - 510 gallons each are also on site. The total available cooling capacity is 77 - 15.5 ton Liebert CRAC units distributed on 6 floors and an auxiliary cold water loop on the third floor is available for chilled water mainframe computers. Humidification in the data centers is provided by a Stulz ultrasonic system; each unit provides 15.8 lbs/hr distributed from four Liebert brand systems on each floor. The office areas feature an above ceiling variable air volume (VAV) HVAC system. The office heating system is provided by 2 - 250 ton Trane centrifugal heat pumps and one electric hot water boiler system.

The fire detection system is a MXL Pyrotronics system. None of the data centers are protected with either a dry or wet sprinkler system. Only the office space and corridors utilize a wet sprinkler system. The building automation system is a Johnson Controls metasystem.

The 18” high raised floor system features a concrete core filled panel in the high traffic areas. Hallow core panels are used everywhere else. Steel stanchions support both the concrete and hallow core panels.

Current up to date line drawing’s are available for the main essential power distribution system, the non-essential power, and for the 15 KV switchgear.

Dual fiber to the building is provided by Qwest Communications. A single mode 48 strand fiber backbone is serviced from Qwest’s Northglenn central office and a single mode 24 strand is provided from their Broomfield central office.

A CCTV system is in the building providing coverage.

The exterior of the building is precast concrete. The column spacing is 30’x 35’ feet centerline to centerline in the data center and office areas. The center bay column spacing is 20’x 30’. The interior structural system is steel columns, beams and purloins. The structural steel deck is 3” deep and filled with lightweight concrete. A single elevator core features four 3500 lbs Dover passenger elevators and a single class A 6500 lbs freight elevator. A centrally located rest room core is in the lobby of each floor.