Data center tier Information
Denver Colorado USA
12121 Grant Street
Tier 2
Teir III
Building Type Multi tenant Stand alone
Power Path Single   Multiple active paths
Cooling Destribution Single   Multiple active paths
Redundant Components Yes   Yes
Site Availability 99.74% avaialble

Concurrently maintainable 99.982% available

Annual Site Caused IT Downtime (actual) 22 hours 1.6 hours
Staffing 1 shift 1+ shifts
Usable Critical Load 100% 90% N
Watts/SF 40 40
Ultimater Watts per SF TBD Higher can be achieved
Uninterrupted Cooling Src None Maybe
Raied Floor Height 18" 30-36"
Floor Loading 150 150
Utility Voltage 480 480
Single Points of Failure Several + humna error Some+ human error
2 Hour Enclosure Around Data Centers Masonry or drywall All spaces
Elctromagnetic Protection Around Data Center Provided Foil backed gyp board   All data center areas
12121 Grant Street: Is TIER II and can be configured to be a TIER III datacenter